"As Light as Versatile"

14 "wheel - 350 Watt

Our SIROCCO CITY 14 is equipped with a 14 inch aluminum alloy wheel for a weight of 13.5 kg excluding battery making it the most versatile model in the range. Remaining very handy with a reduced turning radius, it will suit everyone.

It is of a 350 Watt motor with cruise control and reverse gear . a 48 Volt battery, a large LCD screen, a mudguard, a headlight, an audible warning, a double disc brake system, a handlebar control allowing raise or lower the system.


It also benefits, as standard , from our new patented ultra-fast universal fixing system allowing it to be installed without any effort on all wheelchairs on the market , including folding armchairs with or without retractable brackets and without accessories or specific equipment fixed to the chair. .


Made and assembled in France, in Besançon, it is built in Aluminum, steel and stainless steel to remain very light and to be able to be used in complete safety without risk of climatic degradation.




- Crutch system incorporating a footrest for armchairs fitted with retractable brackets;

- Custom paint;




- Compatible with all wheelchairs including folding armchairs with retractable brackets;

- No modification or adaptation of the chair or specific equipment on the chair;

- Patented effortless ultra-fast universal mounting system;

- Configuration of orders according to customer needs (left or right brake, etc.);


Material designed and manufactured in France, Certification to CE standard.




- 14 inch wheels;

- 350 Watt motors;

- 48 Volt battery;

- Autonomy up to 70 Kms;

- Air transport compatible at no extra cost;

- Weight: 13.5 Kg excluding battery

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