Discover our ultra-light folding electric wheelchair "ESAYCHAIR"

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

SPECIAL OFFER 2019 : 2700£ 

Simplify everyday life

With the folding wheelchair A.M.I easychair, you will be free from the constraints of a classic wheelchair.
Convenient, it will allow you to move more easily in confined spaces as in large spaces, inside and outside. Its light fold and low weight will allow you to store it safely and carry it wherever you want.

Sober and modern.

An elegant and elegant design that makes the EasyChair a discreet electric wheelchair. It is designed to end the image of the traditional medical chair, while offering you the maximum comfort for a more enjoyable everyday life.

Wear it everywhere.

Its batteries comply with the new air transport regulations. So you can move with your EsayChair or yourself. Thanks to its patented folding system, the EasyChair chair folds effortlessly in seconds and just as easily.
Its simple folding allows it to be transported daily in the trunk of a vehicle.

Certified quality.

Our policy is to produce quality material. The choice of materials, the finish, the little details, everything counts.

EasyChair is the only chair of this type certified by CERAH, the FDA (American Health Organization, recognized for its uncompromising quality and follow-up) and ISO 13485: 2012 (quality management of medical equipment).
We are so sure of our quality that we guarantee all equipment, including batteries (wearing parts excluded), 2 years, and chassis, 5 years.

Why EasyChair?

The EasyChair is lightweight, portable and its design is out of the ordinary. Discover the in action, it will find its place in the trunk of a standard car, it folds in 5 seconds and its many accessories will help you in your journeys for a better EasyChair experience.

3 models for 3 uses.

- The Easy8 model with its 8-inch wheel is suitable for indoor use.
- The Easy12 model with its 12 inch wheel is suitable for outdoor use.
- The Easy10 model, with its 10-inch wheel, is the ideal compromise for people wishing to use their wheelchair indoors and outdoors.

Each model of EasyChair has 3 sizes, for a maximum weight of 150 kg in its XL version.