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Transform your wheelchair into an electric QUAD in 10 seconds

Converts your manual wheelchair into an electric QUAD in 10 seconds

The Power Assist Wheelchair Devices SIROCCO EXTREME is for customers looking for EXTREME Manual Power Assist Wheelchair Add-On with maximum stability and safety. It will further delight users looking for performance for intensive off-road use with exceptional crossing capabilities. Designed and manufactured in France, the SIROCCO EXTREME transforms your wheelchair into an electric QUAD in a few seconds. Its design has been patented by the National Institute for Intellectual Protectionin 2021.

Standard equipment :

- Two 16-inch light alloy wheels fitted with a 1000 Watt motor, 

- Two 48 volt 14.5Ah batteries for a range of over 100 kilometres,

- Speed regulator,

- Reverse, 

- Two front headlights,

- Horn,  

- LCD screen,

- Two mudguards,

- Hydraulic disc brake with 200 mm disc on each wheel,

- Programmable electric motor brake.

The advantages of SIROCCO EXTREME :


​- Very high stability,

- Exceptional crossing capacity,

- Limited risk of falling even in extreme use,  

- Compatible with all wheelchairs including folding chairs with retractable brackets,

- Installs on all wheelchairs without any modification or adaptation of the wheelchair,

- Patented ultra-fast effortless universal fastening system,

- Configuration of controls according to customer needs (left or right brake, etc.), 

- Programmable electric motor brake, 

Equipment designed, manufactured and assembled in France, in accordance with the new European regulation 2017/745.

Optional equipment : 


- Footrest for armchairs fitted with retractable brackets,

- Specific controls and clamp extensions for users with upper limb deficiency, 

- Folding handlebar, 

- Battery compatible with air transport,

- Kit of removable pliers,

- Custom painting.

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