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SIROCCO 2.0 power assist add on range  for all manual wheelchair

It transforms your wheelchair into an electric tricycle in just a few seconds

The "SIROCCO 2.0" is certainly the most advanced electric wheelchair helper on the market in the category of motorized 3rd - 5th wheels for wheelchairs. Equipped with an effortless automatic attachment system patented by AMI AUTONOMIE, the SIROCCO 2.0 can be installed on all wheelchairs on the market, including folding wheelchairs with or without retractable brackets, without any modification or addition of parts to the wheelchair.


The SIROCCO 2.0 manual wheelchair drive is available in 3 versions:


- SIROCCO 2.0-12, the COMPACT model, with a 12" wheel and 720 Watt motor;         
- SIROCCO 2.0-14, the POLYVALENT model, with a 14" wheel and 720 Watt motor;         
- SIROCCO 2.0-16, the BAROUDEUR model, equipped with a 16-inch wheel and a 1000 Watt motor.


Why buy the SIROCCO 2.0 power assist for manual wheelchairs?


- The SIROCCO 2.0 motorized 3rd - 5th wheel can be installed without modifying or adapting your wheelchair;
- The 3rd - 5th SIROCCO 2.0 motorized wheel can be installed without adding any parts or accessories to your wheelchair;
- The SIROCCO 2.0 motorized 3rd - 5th wheel is available with specific controls (TETRA) for use by the widest possible range of users;
- Installing this motorization system on your future wheelchairs will pose no problem whatsoever, whatever the make and model of your manual wheelchair if it's not made of composite.


So you're free to buy the manual wheelchair of your choice.

Standard equipment for the SIROCCO electric range:

- Aluminum chassis with integrated removable battery,
- 12, 14 or 16-inch light-alloy wheels, 
- Motor from 720 to 1000Watt - 48 Volts, 
- Battery 48Volts - 300Wh air-transport compatible,
- Electric brake system controlled by handlebar trigger,
- LED headlight with automatic switch-on,
- Horn,  
- TFT color control screen with USB port,
- Active cruise control coupled with electric brake to maintain a constant speed when descending,
- Patented, ultra-fast, effortless universal attachment system compatible with all wheelchairs on the market,
- Reverse gear, 
- Mudguard,
- Hydraulic or hybrid disc brake with 160 mm (12- or 14-inch wheel) and 180 mm (16-inch wheel) discs
- Choice of 3 colors for headlight and windscreen.

The main optional features of the electric SIROCCO range :
- Folding handlebars,
- Quick-release kit for clamps,
- Quick-release kit for central mechanical part,
- Long-distance battery (+/- 70kms) 48 Volts - 700 Wh,
- Specific controls for tetraplegics and hemiplegics

The SIROCCO 2.0 is designed, manufactured and assembled in France. It complies with the new European regulation 2017/745 and comes with a 5-year warranty on the chassis and a 2-year warranty on the battery, motorization and accessories.

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